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The reason Daurau Farms came into existence is because the man “Mr. Chandra Pal”, who had been living in Delhi, after a successful career in the corporate world he became tired of the fast-paced city lifestyle. When he visited his native village, he fell in love with the quiet and natural life there. This experience inspired him to do something for his native land and the farmers in the village. He decided to start Daurau Farms with the vision of providing a better life for the farmers and uplifting their living conditions. One of the main goals of Daurau Farms was to provide natural milk to the city, ensuring that people could have access to high-quality and locally produced dairy products.


Daurau Farms is not just a farm; it is a testament to our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly measures throughout our operations. From responsible waste management to efficient water usage, we actively pursue initiatives that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. We are committed to ethical practices, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. With each glass of our farm-fresh milk, you contribute to a movement that aims to redefine the dairy landscape, ensuring a healthier and more conscious future for generations to come. Experience the purity, taste, and wholesomeness that only Daurau Farms can offer.


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Situated in Daurau Village, Aligarh, UP, Daurau Farms provides holistic fresh farm milk in Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad. With the vision to do things differently, Daurau Farms is one of India’s most technology-driven dairies. We are self-sufficient, sustainable, and high-tech. We have everything we need to grow goodness and excellence.

At Daurau Farms, every process is done in the most hygienic way possible, from automatic milking to the testing of milk on the 16 key parameters to packaging and then finally delivering it to your doorstep. Our farm is ISO 22000 certified and approved by FSSAI.


Here, the cows are raised in an organic atmosphere with the best of everything from fodder to silage, living space, and supplements. The milk carries all the vitamins and nutrients, minus the growth hormones and antibiotics. Additionally, it is free from chemicals and preservatives.

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Positive Feedback From Our Clients

Virendra Singh Negi
    Virendra Singh Negi

    Every morning fresh Cow milk delivered my home in an elegant packing now become a part of life. Not only to my son in his teenage but to all of us it's a new beginning of new habbit of drinking fresh milk, it's healthy, hygienic and above all tasty milk. In the summer season other than drinking milk , the intake of home made ice-cream, Paneer, Dahi and Lassi made up of Daurau farm Milk also added up to our food. We simply enjoying our decision of swich over to cow milk Thank you everyone in Team Daurau

    Gargi Singh
      Gargi Singh

      From the time I was introduced to Daurau Farms Cow milk my usage of milk has tripled. I can’t believe milk on its own can taste so creamy and specifically how my coffee turns out when make it from cow milk. The best part is also there super convenient packaging that I can store in my fridge and use it directly from the packet as it has much longer shelf life.

      Kartik Agarwal
        Kartik Agarwal

        I am a fitness enthusiast and I closely monitor my diet to fulfill all my nutritional requirements. Darau Farm’s cow milk is my go-to choice for milk since it is extremely fresh, free of all adulterations and high in protein and other nutrients and minerals.


          Cow milk is good for growing children thats why we give it to our both kids. Daurau’s Cow Milk gives me the assurance of pure milk and good quality direct from the Farm to Home. My kids love to have it . Thanks for your great service so far.


            Earlier I used to take mother dairy milk or Amul milk but ever since I started using Milk from Daurau Farms there is no turning back. It is totally different from those other milk brands available in the market. The packing is superb the milk remains fresh even after keeping it out in the open.


            If you have any questions related to our milk or our delivering process, you can contact us and our support team will guide in a best possible way.

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            At Daurau Farms, our vision is to offer you a product that is produced sustainably. To help you eat right our goals circle around Land, Cows and Milk.

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