About us

Daurau Farms came into being with the sole motive of giving back to society, and one way was to address the growing concern about what we were feeding our young ones. The rampant adulteration present in the dairy sector of our country is no new issue.  At Daurau Farms, we wish, practice, and strive to do things differently. 


Situated in UP, Daurau is also the name of the quaint hamlet our farm stands on. The predominantly farming/agriculture dependent village, with its vast expanse of land, fodder, and clean environment, ensures that our cows have the best of everything. We know our cows like the back of our hands. Born and raised on our farm, we give them the best fodder, sillage, living space, supplements, and round-the-clock care. Our cow milk is therefore moo’licious, farm fresh, pure and 100% happy cow certified.


Apart from our dreamy cows, our caretakers, handlers, and staff are well trained and upskilled. Our team makes the best use of the advanced technologies along with incorporating traditional practices. We invest in and monitor every aspect, till the milk reaches your doorstep to ensure that you and the young ones get the freshest milk. 


The vision here at Daurau Farms is holistic and sustainable development for all stakeholders, including our cows, our consumers, our neighboring villages, and our society. We foresee a healthy community that consumes pure farm fresh cow milk without burning a hole in their pockets. 


Have a happy and healthy sippin’ with us. 

Manufacturer Details

Manufactured by:  Daurau Farm LLP Village & Post Office Daurau Chandpur, Tehsil Gabhana, Aligarh, (U.P.) 202143.
E-Mail: contact@dauraufarms.com
Phone: 1800-1024-122
Fssai no: