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Why Our Milk?

It’s pure, it’s fresh, it’s from Daurau Farms.

A glass of pure, nutritious milk can be the best way to kick start a brand new day. Daurau Farm’s Cow Milk provides fresh, nutritious, chemical-free, and preservative-free milk at your doorstep within hours of milking. We believe that fresh milk is the ultimate indulgence. We are a pioneer in the dairy industry. We take pride in our cows and work hard to ensure that they are healthy and happy. Our cold supply chain processes ensure that the milk doesn’t lose any nutritional value while being delivered to your doorstep.

How Is Our Milk Different?

Daurau Cow Milk

Other Cow Milk

Benefits of Daurau Farm Fresh Cow Milk

The Farm

An ISO 22000 and FSSAI certified farm spread over 28 acres of land, designed with amenities for ultimate cow care and comfort.

Feed and Fodder

Our cows are fed with the highest quality of fodder, grown especially for them in the farm itself. This ensures that our cows have the best of everything.

Milking Parlour

Our farm is equipped with the most advanced automatic milking machines in a hygienic way without any human defilement.

Milk Treatment

The milk is tested on 16 key parameters of milk and then chilled to 4 degrees Celsius before being pasteurized.


The milk is packed in Gable Top packaging to reduce plastic footprints and is ready to be sent to your doorstep.


The fresh cow milk is delivered to your place within hours of milking in a cold-chain process to avoid excessive bacterial growth.

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