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Daurau Farms is located in the village ‘Daurau’, Aligarh. It is a 2 hour drive from Noida. Our farm is named after the village as a tribute to the farmers of Daurau.

Daurau Farms is not a milk aggregator; we make our own milk. We have complete control over every step of the process of creating good, wholesome milk as milk producers. Starting with the healthiest breed of cows, the right mix of organic fodder, regular supervision of cow's health and comfort, milking hygiene, maintaining the highest standards of sheds and barns, and finally ensuring safe delivery of the cow's wholesome milk straight from our farm to your home, we take special care of every detail.

  • We don't use any preservatives or adulterants.
  • We don't use any pesticides in the feed for the cows, and they only eat organic fodder cultivated on the farm.
  • Our cows do not receive antibiotics or hormonal steroids.
  • The entire milking and packaging process is totally automated, making it completely hygienic.
  • Our cows are happy. They are free to explore, sunbathe, and sleep in their comfortable barns.


Better still, drink a glass of our Milk and you'll see why it's superior to all other milks and so wonderful!!!

We are currently breeding Holstein-Friesian cattle.

Daurau Farms milk is transported in refrigerated vans from the plant to the depot. Refrigeration facilities are available at all depots. The milk is then delivered to your door in insulated boxes to keep it at the ideal temperature.

We have a pre-paid milk subscription available. Subscriptions are accessible on the website or through our app "Daurau Farms," which is available on both Android and iOS. All you have to do is register and set up your membership according to your preferences and needs. To create your subscription, simply follow these simple steps.

  • Log in to your account using the Daurau Farms website or the Daurau Farms app. Fill in your information and register.
  • After you've logged in, replenish your wallet to your satisfaction.
  • Choose from a variety of subscription options, including daily, alternate day, third-day, and fourth-day subscriptions. You can choose the quantity that best suits your needs.
  • If your needs aren't met by the aforementioned alternatives, we may create a customised solution for you, in which you specify the days and quantities you need on those days. All of this may be controlled with a single button press.
    If you require any support, please contact us at 18001024122.

Our milk gets delivered only in the morning slot i.e., between 6AM-10AM

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At Daurau Farms, our vision is to offer you a product that is produced sustainably. To help you eat right our goals circle around Land, Cows and Milk.

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