1. Where is the farm located?
Daurau Farms is located in the village ‘Daurau’, Aligarh. It is a 2 hour drive from Noida. Our farm is named after the village as a tribute to the farmers of Daurau.

2. Can we visit the farm?
Yes, we do encourage farm visits so you can witness what goes into producing the best quality milk. At the farm, you will be able to see our agricultural lands, our cows, our advance technology used for milking & processing equipment to make the milk safe.
Take a tour with your family and with Daurau Farms, be assured of what your family is consuming every single day.

3. Do you process the milk?
Our milk is pasteurized & homogenized. Pasteurization makes the milk absolutely safe for consumption and homogenization brings consistency in taste & texture from first sip to last sip.
Nothing is added or extracted from the milk and it remains true to what is promised. Pure & Safe

4. What is Pasteurization?
Pasteurization is a process of heating the milk to 72 degree Celsius and gradually cooling it down to 4 degree so as to kill bacteria present in the milk & to further protect milk from excess bacterial growth

5. What is homogenization?
Non homogenized milk contains cream which rises to the top when milk is kept idle. This gives inconsistent experience of taste & texture of the milk. Homogenization process involves breaking the cream into minuscule portions which is evenly spread throughout the milk. This makes the milk consistent in taste & texture from first sip to last sip

6. Do I need to boil the milk?
Our cow milk is pasteurized at the farm removing the need for you to boil the milk. Also, as the milk temperature is continuously maintained till it reaches your doorstep, you can consume the milk directly from the Gable.

7. What is the shelf life of the milk?
Milk stored continuously under 4 degrees Celsius can be consumed within 2-3 days from the date of packaging.

8. How is Daurau Farms’ milk antibiotic free?
‘Antibiotic resistance’ is a growing public health problem. Antibiotic resistance is a phenomenon where the virus which is supposed to be responsive to antibiotics start showing resistance. This puts us at risk when exposed to viruses.

‘Antibiotic resistance’ occurs when we overconsume antibiotics

Cows in general are treated with antibiotics when they are sick. The milk of those cows has traces of antibiotics for few days.

At Daurau Farms, we isolate the cows which are on a course of antibiotics and thus avoid milking them with the other cows. This makes our milk antibiotic free

9. How can I be assured of the quality of milk?
Our milk originates from a single location i.e., from our farm. Our farm is built with all the necessary infrastructure to produce & pack the best quality milk. As a customer you need to ask few questions to be assured of the quality
• Does the farm follow ethical farming practices?
• Are the cows hygienically milked?
• At what conditions the milk is stored after milking?
• Lab tests which certify the promises?

At Daurau Farms, we have an advanced milking system to carry out the milking process hygienically, the milk is then stored at 4 degrees Celsius. Our milk is tested regularly through FSSAI certified labs for all key parameters of milk quality

10. What is the fat percentage present in the milk?
We do not regulate the fat percentage in milk by any artificial means. Hence the fat percentage in milk depends on various natural factors, especially on seasons and fodder given to the cows. So, on an average the fat percentage in the milk can vary between 3.4% to 4.1%

11. Why milk needs to be maintained at a low temperature continuously?
Milk is a best source of nutrients and leaving it in room temperature will attract bacterial growth which in return will deteriorate the nutrient value of the milk. It is always advised to store the milk at lower temperature continuously

12. How is Gabletop packaging better than the conventional packaging?
Gabletop packaging is made from virgin paper boards which helps reduce plastic footprint in the environment. It is fully recyclable and protects nutrients in milk which are sensitive to light.
Take part in sustainable living by saying NO to products which harm the environment.

13. Do you provide a sample pack?
We provide a 500ml free sample pack. You can get in touch with us our download the app to get your free sample pack. You can also subscribe to our discounted 1ltr sample pack at Rs 60/ltr for 5 days.

14. How can we subscribe to get the milk delivered?
You can download our App from Google play store or Apple app store by searching Daurau Farms. Once you sign up, you can subscribe to our milk and schedule the calendar as per your needs
You can also call us on our customer care number and we’ll create a subscription for you.

15. How do I manage my subscription?
The App gives you the option to schedule the milk supply as per your requirement. Feel free to explore our app by downloading it from the App store

16. What are the modes of payment?
We prefer online payments as it is a convenient way to track the payments directly by the App. However, on request, we will accept payments in Cash as well.

17. What is the payment cycle?
Our milk subscription works on a prepaid model. To subscribe to our milk, you need to recharge your wallet on Daurau Farms App.

18. What if the Gabletop I received is leaking or have some issue with the milk?
You can call the customer care number before 10 AM to avail a free replacement. If you want us to initiate a refund, please click a picture and send it on our whatsapp number. We’ll verify your concern and refund the amount deducted from your wallet.

19. Do I have to pay extra delivery charges?
Our cow milk is delivered at your doorstep without any delivery charges

20. What are your delivery timings?
Our milk gets delivered only in the morning slot i.e., between 6AM-10AM

21. Till what time am I allowed to make changes to the next day order?
You can make changes to the subscription for the next day order, before 8PM on the Daurau Farms app

22. Which areas are your delivering currently?
Our product is currently available for delivery in Greater Noida, Indirapuram, Greater Noida West & Noida

23. What steps are you taking to prevent animal cruelty?
Cows have an important place in our culture and at Daurau Farms, we extend that tradition by providing our cows with the best housing, nutrition & healthcare.
Our staff is well trained to nurture our cows with love

24. How do I raise a complaint?
You can call on our customer care number 1800-1024-122 anywhere between 10 AM-7PM to register your concern or query. It will be answered by our customer care executives.

You can also WhatsApp your concern on 9971167456

You also have an option to raise your concern/query at contact@dauraufarms.com