Here's why our milk
is the best your child can get?

Naturally Nutritious

Naturally Nutritious

You are what you eat, and that holds for our cows as well. Our Cows chow the best greens harvested right at the farm. 

Milk Process

Hygiene Begins at the Source

Our advanced milking process protects the milk from all foreign contamination making it absolutely safe.


Lab tested for Double Surety

“Our milk samples are regularly checked and passed by FSSAI accredited labs for any trace of antibiotics & toxins.

Milk Delivery

Seamless Cold Chain

Our milk is maintained at right temperature continuously till it reaches your doorstep to avoid excess bacterial growth.

Gable Top Packaging Protects Light Sensitive Nutrients

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At Daurau Farms, our vision is to offer you a product that is produced sustainably.
To help you eat right our goals circle around Land, Cows and Milk.


In coming years, our goal is to transform all our agricultural lands into organic lands by nurturing the soil with right inputs.


Cows have a special place in our culture; extending that tradition, our goal is to provide our cows with best nutrition & healthcare.


We understand that milk is essential for your well-being & our goal is to build a product which is at par with international standards.

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WE AIM AT Reducing the Footprint of Plastic in the Environment


Testimonials 1

Kirti Singh & Samrat Singh

Milk, being a staple in the diet, should be pure and originate from a traceable and reputable source. Daurau Farms makes it a point to explain how our milk gets to our homes and to dispel any doubts about the milk’s quality.

Testimonials 2

Shalini Kumar

Daurau farms provide fresh cow milk free of Antibiotics and Oxytocins . The milk reminds me of childhood. I’m very impressed with the quality milk and it’s taste. It’s just all natural and pure.

Testimonials 3

Ripudaman Singh

As of today everyone has become health conscious and when it comes to milk one definitely cannot compromise on the quality. That’s why I choose Daurau farms, they provide premium quality milk for me and my lovely family.

Mandala Mandala

Quality Milk is just one step away!