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Welcome to the idyllic Daurau Farms, nestled in the tranquil Daurau Village of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. We take great pride in our mission to provide pure and fresh farm milk to the discerning consumers of Delhi/NCR. Our vision is to reshape the dairy industry, and at Daurau Farms, we exemplify a forward-looking, technology-driven farm that champions self-sufficiency, sustainability, and innovative practices.At Daurau Farms, we are unwavering in our commitment to raising the bar for excellence. Every facet of our operation is carried out with meticulous attention to hygiene and quality, ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best.

  • Single Origin Milk
  • No Added Preservative
  • Seamless Cold Chain
  • Gable Top Packaging
  • No Steroids
  • No Hormonal Injections
  • Cows Fed with Natural Fodder

Why Choose Daurau Farms


Get milk straight from our farm to your table.


We provide single-origin milk free from chemicals and preservatives


Our milk is ISO 22000 certified and approved by FSSAI.


Our milk is tested on all parameters of milk


Along with flexible delivery options, we even have a Play and Pause option for you.


Our milk is packed in Gable Top to reduce the plastic footprint.

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many happy customer

“ I am a fitness enthusiast and I closely monitor my diet to fulfill all my nutritional requirements. Darau Farm’s cow milk is my go-to choice for milk since it is extremely fresh, free of all adulterations and high in protein and other nutrients and minerals. ”

“ Cow milk is good for growing children thats why we give it to our both kids. Daurau’s Cow Milk gives me the assurance of pure milk and good quality direct from the Farm to Home. My kids love to have it . Thanks for your great service so far. ”

“ Earlier I used to take mother dairy milk or Amul milk but ever since I started using Milk from Daurau Farms there is no turning back. It is totally different from those other milk brands available in the market. The packing is superb the milk remains fresh even after keeping it out in the open. ”

“ Every morning fresh Cow milk delivered my home in an elegant packing now become a part of life. Not only to my son in his teenage but to all of us it's a new beginning of new habbit of drinking fresh milk, it's healthy, hygienic and above all tasty milk. In the summer season other than drinking milk , the intake of home made ice-cream, Paneer, Dahi and Lassi made up of Daurau farm Milk also added up to our food. We simply enjoying our decision of swich over to cow milk Thank you everyone in Team Daurau ”

“ From the time I was introduced to Daurau Farms Cow milk my usage of milk has tripled. I can’t believe milk on its own can taste so creamy and specifically how my coffee turns out when make it from cow milk. The best part is also there super convenient packaging that I can store in my fridge and use it directly from the packet as it has much longer shelf life. ”

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